They are all talented players and can be comparable to Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. However, the only difference between them and Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are the trophy. The only titles throughout their  NBA career are  just the personal titles. All are retired before their efforts to become NBA champions became a reality. There are many causes for this problem, these players might did not get good enough teammates to go to the NBA Finals or because they have played in the same era with legends like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Today, in 20 great NBA players but never became a champion, IluvSport will list out all good players but must retire before once becoming NBA champion.

1. Tracy Mcgrady

Personal achievements: 7 time All-Star, 2 times All-NBA First Team , 2 times Scoring Champion

NBA Team: Raptor, Magic, Rocket, Knicks, Piston, Spur


2. David Thompson

Personal achievements: 4-time All-Star, 2 times First team All-NBA , 1979 All-Start Game MVP

NBA Team: Nuggets, Sonics


3. Dikembe Mutombo

Personal achievements: 8 times All-Star, All-NBA 4 times, 6 times Defensive Player of the Year, All-Defense 6 times, 2 times Rebounding leader, 3 times Block leader

NBA Team: Nuggets, Hawks, Sixers, Nets, Knicks, Rockets


4. Chris Webber

Personal achievements: 5-times All-Star, 1 time First Team All NBA, 1999 Rebounding Champion, Rocky of the Year 1994

NBA Team: Warriors, Bullets, Kings, Pistons


5. Bernard King

Personal achievements: 4-times All-Star, 2 time First Team All NBA, 1985 Scoring Champion

NBA Team: Nets, Jazz, Warriors, Knicks, Bullets


6. Alex English

Personal achievements: 8-times All-Star, 1983 Scoring Champion

NBA Team: Bucks, Pacers, Nuggets, Mavericks


7. Chris Mullin

Personal achievements: 5 times All-Star, First team All-NBA 1992

NBA Team: Warriors, Pacers


8. Reggie Miller

Personal achievements: 5 times All-Star, 3 times Third team All-NBA

NBA Team: Pacers


9. Dave Bing

Personal achievements: 7-time All-Star, 6 times First team All-NBA , 1976 All-Start Game MVP

NBA Team: Pistons, Bullets, Celtics


10. Allen Iverson

Personal achievements: 11-time All-Star, 3 times First team All-NBA , 2 times All-Start Game MVP, 4 times Scoring Champion, 1997 Rookie of the Year

NBA Team: 76ers, Nuggets, Pistons, Grizzlies