In a MMA fight, the punch of boxing, the kick of karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai or Judo throws techniques and Jujitsu ground techniques are all allowed. With the aim to increase flexibility for fighters, most of technique in the martial arts are used in MMA. Today, in 20 great MMA techniques commonly used (part 2), let see the last 10 MMA techniques that is often used in an MMA fights.

11. Heel hook

Heel hook is one of the most dangerous grappling technique, easily cause serious injury and could not recover.

A heel hook is a leg lock affecting multiple joints, and is applied by transversely twisting the foot either medially or laterally. The torsional force puts severe torque on the ankle, which in turn transfers torque to the knee.

12. Axe kick (Taekwondo, Karate, Kick boxing)

Axe kick technique are called with vary name depending on which martial arts it belong. Axe kick (international terminology) refers collectively to the damage kicks in heels / soles of feet vertically from top to bottom.


13. Body hook (Boxing)

“Body hook” is a technique used merely basic strength of the punch attack on the body part most vulnerable to shocks: the abdomen or ribs. You will not faint, or rather is “no right to faint”. All you can do is completely awake endure pain, as well as seeking to retreat to a safe distance before continuing to deliver his attack.

14. Spinning elbow

Spinning elbow though rarely appeared in the ring because of the nature of risk and the low success rate. However, this technique still dangerous lurks a terrible power, worthy of our “desperate” attempt to try.

15. Triangle choke(Jujitsu)

The triangle choke is one of the most common and most effective choke holds in MMA today. In a fight with a Jujitsu fighter, the fighter has to practice a lot of techniques to counter or escape this technique.

16. Inside leg kick (Muay Thái, Kickboxing)

The low kick leg already owns a relatively large power becomes terrifying when it landed on the inside part of the thighs – which is a pretty poor muscle beaten. This particular blow fast, compact and relatively hard to resist, the great elements so you can consider to practice.

17. Low kick

Low kick is one of the most common and familiar kick in the martial arts like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kyokushin … Even before the martial worldwide exchanges and absorb each other, almost like all martial arts have existed antagonists of this kick technique.

18. Spinning back fist

19. Front kick


20. Spear knee

Considered as one of the most nasty attack of Muay Thai, spear knee had knock down thousands of fighters, whether they are the amateur or the legend.