With the advantage of satisfying both the media and entertainment industry, professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) today has grown rapidly and disseminated throughout the world. MMA is also growing sport in America and many countries in the world put into training in the martial arts center. The MMA techniques are inspired by the traditional martial arts techniques and non-traditional. In a MMA fight, techniques using hands and feet as punches and kicks, techniques related to wrestling … are allowed. Today, in 20 great MMA techniques commonly used (part 1), we will introduce to you 20 techniques are used very effectively by MMA fighters.

1. Uppercut (Boxing)

Uppercut punch landing at the right angles, directly into the lower part of the jaw opponents. From this angle, shocks can be transmitted by direct punch to the jaw, sinuses and finally to the skull. This technique is also likely to cause knock out the most in a MMA fight.

2. Jab – Straight (Boxing)

With the speed, range and ability to best control among all the punch of Boxing, Jab shot easily perform multiple tasks such as alignment of the distance, looking for opportunities, check the response capability of opponents.

3. Hip throw (Judo)

Hip throw (aka O goshi in Judo) using the hips as fulcrum, making the opponent lose balance and fall. Lets see a famous UFC fighter and also bronze medal Judo Olympian perform this technique, Ronda Rousey.

4. Flying knee (Muay Thai)

Very dangerous techniques aimed at the face of the enemy. It can cause very serious damage to the enemy and could lead to knock out.

5. Side Kick

Side Kick is one of the simplest kicks. No need complicated techniques, no need to fast, but sometimes Side Kick is dangerous and can beat opponents by surprise.

6. Armbar (Jujitsu)

If perform this technique properly, the opponent had no choice other than the tab out.

7. Push kick

Push kick, besides hurting the opponent, it is often used to create a gap in an MMA match.

8. Body shot (Boxing)

Head and face are always the first priority area is the defense, shielding in MMA fight, the attack on that area is not easy. When opponents spend too much attention to the defense of the head, torso (abdomen, flank) to become ideal targets. Body shot will be very useful in such situations.

9. Spinning back kick (Takewondo)

10. Double Leg takedown

If the fighter is good at Jujitsu, double leg takedown will certainly be one of the techniques that he often used.