The Rock – Dwayne Johnson is one of the stars achieve success in both fields wrestling and acting. 44-year-old star has always had to work hard every day to be able to maintain his physique and charitable activities. Dwayne Johnson viewers known through his role as the character Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns or agent Luke Hobbs in the Fast & Furious series. Here are 12 incredible things in the life of The Rock which maybe you dont know.

1. The Rock debuted with the film series Star Trek


He entered the film industry for his role in the film The Pendari Champion Star Trek: Voyager, a wrestling champion who appeared in episodes Tsunkatse. The Pendari Champion clashed USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant region and defeated numerous rivals.

2. Some of his quotes was added to the American dictionary

dwayne johnson

In those days in the ring, The Rock has a lot of fan due to his many different interesting things, one of which is the slogan extremely creative, which he composed. The phrase “SmackDown” is used when defeating an opponent has become familiar to many young people whose childhood was associated with the sport of wrestling by the The Rock invented. “Smackdown” is his first use in 1997 and 10 years later, it officially appeared in the English dictionary, and many of the crossword.

3. He has played his own father on TV

dwayne johnson

The Rock is not only played many iconic characters with robust body, but also appear in the image of a famous wrestler is his own father. In the 1999 episode of the show That Show in Wrestling, Rocky Johnson, father of The Rock has been appearing on television acted by his son.

4. His family has a tradition of professional wrestling

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Dwayne Johnson was the first in the history of wrestling with the father, Rocky Johnson, and grandfather, Peter Maivia are professional wrestlers. Even his grandmother Lia Maivia is also one of the rare organizations who specialize in women’s wrestling. The cousins and uncles of The Rock also regularly met on the tournament. Maivia family is one of the most successful families in WWE history, five members of the family were present in the list of the prestigious Hall of Fame. Maivia house also owns a private wrestling school, where trained Bastista WWE champion.

5. His books are once ranked 1st at the best seller list of The New York Times

dwayne johnson

The Rock has published a memoir about his life in 2000 after the events took place long before he engaged in an acting career, the book has become a best seller by the New York Times magazine poll in a few weeks. He also began writing the second book after having participated in more than 30 large and small films.

6. His character in the series Fast and Furious by the fans created

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Luke Hobbs character was originally intended to give the actor Tommy Lee Jones looks to be a grumpy old man. But when Vin Diesel saw some fan on Facebook suggested he and The Rock can appear together in a few scenes. Vin instant had a new ideas and convince director Justin Lin employer The Rock on and create a whole new character for this racing film.

7. His first starring role had the highest-paid in the history

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In 2002, The Scorpion King movie directed by Chuck Russell has paid $ 5.5 million to invite The Rock plays Mathayus hero. This is the highest remuneration of an actor first starred invited in a film ever recorded in history.

8. He once worked as TV presenter

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The famous American TV show Saturday Night Live once invited The Rock to participate as MC during a broadcast. He wowed the audience and is widely praised as one of the extremely interesting character in the sports in 2000.

9. The Rock had nearly the reallife version of Johnny Bravo

dwayne johnson

After officially entered the world of acting, has a lot of rumors he will participate in the version of the character who plays Johnny Bravo because the character looks quite similar to the character. But in 2002, Warner Bros. bought the copyright from the character Johnny from Cartoon Network and from then on did not appear any information about Johnny Bravo films.

10. He had joined a gang in teenager

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After being expelled from his apartment in Hawaii at age 14, the youth Dwayne Johnson was involved in a gang of thieves specializing aimed at tourists and he had been in prison for at least 8 times until 17 years old.

11. He had dreamed of becoming a professional football player

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After graduating grade 3, The Rock has been invited by few football team but he decided to continue studying at the University of Miami. Then he joined the national team in 1991 as a defense, but his talent has not yet reached the level of stars and easily replaced by Warren Sapp famous players.

12. The Rock served as WWF youngest champion

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The Rock won the WWF championship his first time in 1998 at just 26 years and six consecutive championships before the age of 30 until Brock Lesnar won the title in 2002 at age 25.