From the unexpected victory of Greece and Denmark, the controversial action, to the beautiful goals as a work of art, history EURO witnessed countless unforgettable moments in EURO championship.

1. Shocking Greece (2004)

When Greece through the group stages Euro 2004, many people still think they got lucky. However, when the team of coach Otto Rehhagel beat champions France in the quarter-finals with the only goal being scored from a beautiful combination between Zagorakis and Charisteas, then all have to recognize their potential. And the fact that Greece was going to take the final game, before beating host Portugal and crowned championship most shocking in the history of world football- an unforgettable momment.


2. Crazy number of goals at EURO 1960

The first semifinal at EURO 1960 between Yugoslavia and France so far is considered the craziest semifinals in tournament history. Yugoslavia 1-0, but France quickly scored 4 goals in a row to generate the gap 3 goals. The French seem to have totally controlled the match. But who thinks otherwise Yugoslavia. They rose up strong, and scored 3 goals in 15 consecutive final minutes. The score was 5-4 in favor of the final Yugoslavia, the team then lost 1-2 Soviet Union in the final.



3. Spain quit because of political (EURO 1960)

Also at EURO 1960 also occurred an other rare event : Football must yield to politics. That’s what happened to Spain. La Roja had passed the first ground very easy to win 7-2 before Poland to meet with the Soviet Union in the quarterfinals. However, because of political conflicts, the dictator Franco banned the team to the Soviet Union (in EURO 1960 semi-finals before the ad hoc teams home-away), meaning the left. More pain for Spain, the Soviet Union finally champion team.



4. Koeman’s foolish actions (1988)

In football no shortage of controversial actions, and also no shortage of stupid action. After a 2-1 victory over host West Germany in the semi-finals EURO 1988, defender Ronald Koeman of the Netherlands had an alleged act stupid. He changed his shirt with West German Olaf Thon, then use it to … clean his buttock.

Koeman explained he do that to comfort the victims of the Nazis. But even Koeman’s father also did not accept his actions.


5. Netherlands racist

EURO 1996 Netherlands entered as the leading candidate, because in their squad of players crowned Champions League Ajax just one year ago. It all took place very smoothly with Netherlands, until a controversial photo leak.

In the picture, the black players of Netherlands eating in a private corner. Netherlands Team Manager tries to “fighting” with the explanation that it was dividing the seats as … wage. After all, Netherlands was eliminated by France in the quarterfinals smoothly.


6. Dentist chair celebration

Before the game against Scotland in Euro 1996, Gascoigne was disparaging to drinking too much. He responded with a super-goal. But more remarkable is how he celebrated then. Gascoigne lay down next to the team goal spraying water into the mouth, recalling the incident “dentist chair”


7. Schmeichel beat Van Basten (1992)

Denmark to attend EURO 1992 in a lucky way. They were rescued after the admission ticket Yugoslavia were excluded because the country fell into civil war. Not many people believe that Denmark can do anything.But Denmark has shocked all when winning the championship that year, the decisive moment was goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel beat Van Basten over 11m in the semifinals.


8. A double for French

Before 2000, no team has ever won the EURO after having won the World Cup. But France has done that. EURO 2000 championship helped teammates Zinedine Zidane and immediately get rid of the idea that they have won the 1998 World Cup by luck rather than strength. After France paved the way, Spain could do the same thing, even more impressive, with the champion ship Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012.


9. Panenka Panenka’s shot … (1976)

There must be a reason that they call 11m penalty shootout is a lethal battle. The closer to the crucial moment even more awful pressure. But one who does not seem to be affected by the pressure of it. That’s Antonín Panenka.

He was the one who decided to take the 11m EURO 1976 final between Czechoslovakia and Germany which, if successful, Czechoslovakia will be crowned champions. Kick with both national history. And Panenka has done it in a way that no one will believe it: Bath ball into the middle of the goal!


10. Unforgettable moments of Van Basten (1988)

The goal for Netherlands win 2-0 in the final of EURO 1988 with the Soviet Union, until now, was considered the best goal in the history of the tournament. It was a goal “go against logic”. Receiving the ball from a very narrow cross in the corner over the bar, if Van Basten was the “normal” will control the back, or reverse pass to teammates.But no, he decided to volley. Goalkeeper of course can not do anything. Now, with any goal with hard and beautiful trajectory, people call it “goal Van Basten style”!