Sports every day is good for your body. But few people know that exercise also brings many great benefits other than weight loss and improve muscle. Here, in 10 reasons why you should exercise every day, are 10 other benefits that practicing sport can bring to you.

1. Better posture

First check your standing posture? Correct standing posture is important, and one of the effective ways to revise itt is your back muscles. Exercise abdominal muscles, back muscles and other body parts in the long run can achieve greater efficiency in the correct posture, both while sitting and standing.


2. Enhances Memory


3. Increase confidence

Obviously that practicing sport can improve your appearance, and that is through increased confidence. In addition, sports also helps you feel more proud and harmony with the community. Even if you do not get instant results on your body, then your training efforts also help you feel more comfortable, confident also increase.

4. Reduce stress

All of us are feeling the strain of life, after the school day and work hard either from the more serious issues. Stress can wreak havoc on your mind, but there are many studies showing that exercise is the best way to fight it.

5. Better sleep

Institute national sleep that regular exercise can help you sleep better. Practice time in the morning or afternoon is the best; preferably before bed, because if you exercise right before bedtime, it can cause the opposite effect.


6. More energy

After all, practicing sports deplete your energy, but if regular exercise could make you healthier every day.


7. Improved sexual

You have begun to care about sports training yet? Research has also shown that regular exercise can increase libido and reduce the risk of impotence; perhaps because exercise helps improve blood circulation.

8. Prevent disease

Nobody wants to get sick, and exercise is the way to prevent diseases. A recent study demonstrated that people who exercise regularly are at risk for colds less than half compared with those who did not exercise regularly.


9. Live longer

No wonder that a healthy lifestyle can prolong life, but how much longer to live, you may be surprised that there. Research has shown that exercise can improve the longevity as well as support to quit smoking.


10. Happier

All these benefits will bring joy to you. Regular sport is not only a natural painkiller, but also increases the quality of your life through many ways. All that you need is to build up a regular exercise routine.