Swimming is a great sport. While swimming, you will get the same benefits as exercise without the risk of injury to joints. In addition, swimming is known as the sport suitable for all ages. If the above is all that you know about the benefits of swimming, you definitely do not fully understand about the other benefits of swimming to your health. In 10 reasons why you should go to the pool, we’ll talk about 10 benefits you will get when swimming.

1. Increase muscle endurance

You can see, the swimming athletes develop their muscles while swimming in a comprehensive way. During swimming, the muscles must constantly work to keep the body floating and gliding on the water. Such activities are good exercises for muscle endurance.


2. Preventing and treating arthritis

Swimming is a sport that the body suffered only low impact, water reduces the pressure on the joints eliminates the possibility of back pain, knee and muscle groups to participate in another activity. Experts also said that health steadily swimming makes joints work better, is effective in curing chronic arthritis. Especially the elderly or suffer from back pain, then swimming is an ideal method to reduce pain.


3. Good for Respiratory

Swimming increases lung capacity quite significantly. Lung capacity of many swimming athletes bigger than normal 1.5- 2 liters. The higher capacity of the lungs, stamina during labor, more and more movement, creating favorable conditions for breathing and reduce asthma attacks, especially for smokers.


4. Good for blood circulation

Water pressure on the legs and arms also have benefits for the blood circulatory system. Water pressure plus the pressure of muscles to blood vessels to help blood flow back to the heart and lungs.

Swim 30-60 minutes, 3-4 days a week can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.


5. Preventing and treating insomnia or nervous depression

As water is a natural massage effect to the body, swimming is body movement, promoting cerebral nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, organ function is improved and enhanced, thus effectively work for the insomnia or neurasthenia.


6. Swimming reduces inflammation

Swimming also has cardiovascular benefits, increase the strength of the heart muscle. Research has shown that swimming has beneficial effects in reducing inflammation, a major cause lead to atherosclerosis.


7. Reduce stress in your life

According to the survey, more than 75% who shared that the pressure and stress they felt before they started swimming was greatly reduced, and in fact, some of them did not feel pressures that life brings them whether from work or family, … to the body when immersed in water


8. Control blood pressure

Swim 30-60 minutes, 3-4 days a week can help the body reduce cardiovascular risk, stroke, and diabetes. As a form of regular physical activity, swimming can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in the body, while swimming can help increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the lungs and the muscles, and bring positive results in the release of carbon dioxide from the body. It helps the body maintain blood pressure level.

swimming-Control blood pressure

9. Good for the lungs and heart

Swimming makes remarkably healthy lungs. Due to the pressure of the water on swimmers chest, restricting the movement breathe so need to breathe hard, to help develop the respiratory system and increases lung capacity. Swimming is also a good way to regulate blood pressure, better blood circulation.


10. Helps burn calories

The effectiveness of swimming in burning calories even more surprising than jogging on treadmills.