Although already 81 years old but the health, fitness and work schedules of Gary Player still led many young golfers to admire. Along with us to discover his 10 golden rules.

1. Exercise as a part of life

It was not a temporary habits. Whether your exercise program small, but you also need to make it as part of your life.

2. Walking smoothly

Not just in golf, but also off the field. A good golfer walking would take excess energy. Sam Snead had a great stride for a fast-paced and consistent. He moves fast like a wild beast, and never tired. I used to play golf with a famous football player in the NFL Golf Classic. He is known for endurance, but after 3 days of golf, he’s a complete failure. Walking is natural, but you absolutely can improve it by: go quickly and gently, swung the arm are to maintain breathing.

3. Developing good shape


A perfect golfer would like sailor Popeye: slim waist, strong legs, forearm to with 2 healthy sides. When you perform a repetitive motion such as swing, it is important to consolidate the corresponding muscle groups. Swing a bat to be adjusted is a great exercise, but if you are right-handed, make the same swing with the left hand the number of times. This will help your back and hips and balances and limited hip injury.

4. Focus on hands and wrists

Henry Cotton once told me that the hands, fingers and your wrists are never too strong. Practice with effective ball with his hands, but if you want to perform special exercises, the freely suspended weight used in the thumb and fingers individually will also have great impact.

5. Exercise the core muscles

Consolidating the core, especially abdominal muscles will be a magic spell for golfer. This is not new to me. I always felt my muscles especially linked to the body and protect me from back injuries. I often sit down to practice. I can do a hundred times a day as long as I divide them into 2 or 3 times to practice.

6. Resolutely to non-obese


Golf is a sport for all of your life, but life will be very short if you are overweight. And when you balance, encourage young people to lose weight. Each week, I set a goal to find a young man in the crowd with obesity and will meet privately with his father. I will speak with them privately and politely saying, “My son and my father have diabetes, too. When you have diabetes, you need insulin injections two times a day, this will affect the eyes, kidneys, limbs and many other things. So let’s help for your son with the scientific diet right now. ”

7. Eat the “super foods”

The most significant progress in golf of the next 50 years is not the instrument or training, that it is nutritious. Professional athletes will have “special diet”, avoiding starch, sugar and commercial foods today – which contain hormones, pesticides, sewage and industrial waste. They will also eat the “super foods” such as almond milk contains more protein and nutrients. In addition, fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, fruits, butter and yogurt as well as the food is very good for health.

8. Try to relax 10 minutes a day

Whether it is an indoor climbing stairs, ride a bike or jump rope, the important thing is to relax relax for 10 minutes. This will not adversely affect the shape of you if you make them every day. Give yourself the opportunity to climb the stairs instead of the elevator. I usually play games whether you can go for long without a lift and obviously I always come quickly and not trudged upstairs.

9. Weightlifting reasonable


When other golfers for the first time to see the program of my training with weights in the 1950s, they were thought sure I was “crazy”. Frank Stranahan, an outstanding amateur golfer and I are the only 2 people doing it. The fact is that lifting weights has helped me become a better golfer.

10. Get energy from young people


When I’m on vacation, I usually try to play golf with the young people, who are increasingly the standard form as possible. I think when in contact with the young people, you will learn a lot of character in their hay. Good characteristics of young people is that they are always optimistic, exploring, vivacious and energetic – things will certainly spread and make you feel younger. This is why I always thought I was just 40 years old.