Surely besides the reason to lose weight, most girls go the gym to improve their butt size. A sexy girl certainly need a big and toned butt. However, nobody has born already own such things at all. All achievements are result of dieting and training. Today, IluvSport will introduce 10 types of food is extremely useful when you want to increase the size of your butt to become more attractive. In the next article, we’ll show you the exercises to increase the butt size for girl.

The reason why your butt didn’t get bigger espite practicing so hard?

The answer is very simple, just practice certainly will not make your butt bigger! Like the abdominal muscles, a big butt are made up of the kitchen is more important than what you do in the gym.

Does fastfood make your butt bigger?

By eating lots of fastfood, you think your butt will get bigger? But in reality, this is destroying your body as well as your health. Remember that you want a big butt, not belly, or legs, arms, .. right? This happens if you eat too much of the “bad”  food( pizza, fried foods, ..). You will get a little increase in the butt. However, you also will increase “many little” in belly, arms and other parts of your body.

10 foods in the list below will help you answer the question what to eat to get bigger butt?

1. Quinoa

increase butt size for girl

It contains a lot of fats which is beneficial for the body with a high protein content to help you build muscle. Quinoa also help you reduce cholesterol, relieve constipation and rich in vitamins, minerals.

2. Nuts

increase butt size for girl

They contain a lot of fat that is good for your health, not to mention there are a lot of protein, which helps reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, enhancing vitamins and minerals. You can use nuts such as almonds, walnuts, ..

3. Egg

increase butt size for girl

Eggs are a good source of protein and the most effective. It is a very good source of energy that will help you enhance the strength and muscle. To bring high efficiency, you should use eggs in the morning to maintain the protein for the day.

4. Fish

increase butt size for girl

Fish is one of the foods that help you increase the effectiveness of the workouts at the gym on your muscles because it contains a lot of Omega3 – good fats for your body. Omega 3 helps remove the adverse effects that lead to cardiovascular disease effectively.

5. Chicken

increase butt size for girl

6. Oat

increase butt size for girl

These are good foods for breakfast, full of nutrients. Oats had plenty of protein, it will help your muscles become more toned

7. Spinach

increase butt size for girl

Spinach is one of the vegetables contain iron. It is also a widely used vegetable by bodybuilders.

8. Avocado

increase butt size for girl

It contains plenty of vitamins, potassium, fiber and amino acids, all of which can help you have a bigger butt.

9. Brown rice

increase butt size for girl

This is a source of starch and dietary fiber, and especially to use after exercise. Brown rice contains fewer calories than white rice. But you need to watch carefully how to cook brown rice to bring the highest nutritional benefits.

10. Beef

increase butt size for girl

Like chicken and fish, beef contains considerable protein content. This is definitely the type of food that all bodybuilders are using for their everyday meals.