Develop an active lifestyle and healthy can become obsessive and depressed if you are maintaining your sedentary habits. The physical activity and health tracking device every day will help you to understand the impact of the habit of healthy lifestyle for yourselves. Whether you desire to change your lifestyle completely, or just want to lose a few kilograms, the sports equipment will be useful tools in building your lifestyle. 10 best sports equipments in 2014 will introduce you to 10 new and modern equipments of 2014 for sports enthusiasts:


Samsung Gear Fit is not just an ordinary watch, but also has the functionality of a dedicated monitoring devices used during the exercise, the main function is to check the health of the user. Special features heart rate measurement is the only sports equipment on the market currently have this feature. Gear Fit compact, lightweight 27g design with curved screen, embrace the wrist. Also, thanks to compatibility with your phone, Gear Fit will help you to notice incoming calls, messages and emails …




Most physical activity tracking devices are resistant to water in limited, can only be worn in the shower or sink, but you can not bear to swim in the pool or diving deep into the sea. That would be where the Misfit Shine shine. Because equipments is made from high-grade aluminum metal of aerospace, you can wear it anytime, anywhere without having to worry of damaging, even if a long soak while washing clothes.




The Fitbit Flex is a bracelet to track the number of steps, distance, time active, calories consumed and quality of sleep. Unlike many physical activity tracking devices , it does not display your recently data or time to practice . Instead, this device is designed with simplicity in a small lamp on a wire loop to show you how much still has to go further to reach a daily target practice.




Designed like a watch, Basis does not focus on counting the number of steps or distance running track that are interested in the amount of movement of the body during exercise and track your exercise habits. Unlike other devices, it examines the true heart rate, skin temperature and sweat secretion of data on the machine. By checking your fitness, the Basis is a physical test equipment accurate and comprehensive to record the calories consumed, the intensity of exercise and movement is beneficial in your daily routine.




With four sensors measure the amount of calories burned, the Fit Core Bodymedia support tracking your activities most accurately.



The Fitbit One is made with all the features you would expect in a tracking device .It tracks the number of steps, up and down the stairs, calories consumption, distance and OLED displays to let you know day training course. Deep enough sleep is a very important habit of healthy lifestyles, the Fitbit One also is a sleep tracking device. It checks the quality of sleep by measuring the time you wake up middle of the night. For people or insomnia, this app will give tips to help you be able to get enough rest.



The Jawbone UP has all the features you want in a  sports activities tracking device. It records all your activities and calculates distance, calories burned, duration and intensity of your training. The device also monitors sleep, sleep flutter classification, deep sleep or wake up middle of the night. It is also equipped with a perfect warning mode when you’ve gone too far without moving in a positive way.



The Larklife not simply a device to track your exercises, nutrition and sleep, but as a coach track your regime and eating, help you gradually change your daily routine, and improvement in your healthy lifestyle.



The Nike + Fuelband is a physical activity tracking device, simple but very effective. While recording the number of steps, number of steps up and down, calories burned and distance as the other devices, the Nike + Fuelband also smart enough to distinguish different activities, such as dancing or playing basketball, each activity should receive different methods.



This simple device is to create a game different from normal operations by connecting with the iPhone app. Likevother physical tracking device, it will record daily step count, distance, number of steps, calories burned and time of movement, so you can review all the information OELD on a blue screen with just one simple click.